Choosing the Right Bow Tie – Cool Fashion Alternative to your Coat and Tie

Published: 18th March 2010
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In more aspects than one, diamond point bow ties and fraternity bow ties make a strong fashion statement though they are just plain slips of silk materials. Bow ties are getting the fancy not only of the fashion runway habitués but of the young hipsters also and are now hugging the mainstream fashion scene after the years of being relegated "under the chins" of the conservative crowd.

Fraternity bow ties and diamond point bow ties are now poised to take the center stage and are perceived as perfect alternatives to the coat and tie which were long relegated to the backstage. Current fashion trends are now pushing bow ties into the limelight. It is no longer an "old man's favorite". The younger segment of the population is discovering the true value of this pointy-tipped and butterfly add-on to their get-up. Without having to shed off the wild side of their personalities the young and the daring are discovering creative ways in using diamond point bow ties and fraternity bow ties.

Without the matching bow tie today's modern attire will not be complete. For special occasions diamond bow ties and fraternity bow ties are oftentimes worn by men as a dashing and elegant accessory to the suit or tuxedo. More creative ways in using the bow ties are being found by people who are in search of ways in retaining their wild character while adding the element of class . In fact, bow ties are no longer exclusive accessories for men as we are now also seeing women using them in their attire.

If you want to retain the classic elegance and "old" character in your bow tie, then you can go for the traditional self-tie bow ties. Those that are hand-sewn using the highest grade of silk materials are the high end ones. These sets of diamond point bow ties and fraternity bow ties are your best choices if you are looking for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that are made of the finest materials.

Bow ties have been part of the history and culture of western societies. Nouveau and elite are the classes of the society that these elegant fabrics are usually associated with. The roots of the modern bow ties are traced to the scarf worn by 17th century Croats by most scholars and historians. The modern world adopted this clothing concept later after which it evolved into what is known today as the modern bowtie.

While neckties are tied to suit the preference of the person wearing them, the length of the bowtie is dependent on the neck size of the wearer. In the design and types of bow ties there are several variations now. One can go for the "one-size-fits-all" type which is now a popular choice for a lot people. One has to simply hook the buckles together in the pre-tied type of bow ties which is another type of it. With the plethora of design options, one can surely find the right kind of bowtie that meets their specific needs and preferences. More and more producers are specializing on there types of bowties primarily because they are easier to produce.

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